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I have designed this website for several purposes. First, I want it to be a resource for coaches and players to use for improving their knowlege and skills in the game of basketball. Secondly, I want to share with you about my journeys as a coach, including my time in India as the national coach and my experience coaching in the NBA Development League. I will continue to develop this site now that I am back in the United States as a college basketball coach. (Northwest Nazarene University) It is my desire to share life lessons with you that I have learned by experience or through others that have made a positive impact on my life.




















Grassroots Basketball and Time in the Studio

03/27/2015 18:43
These last two months I have spent my time at what is called "grassroots" basketball training. During this same period I have also been on the other side of sprectrum using the television media to promote basketball in India. I started by training our U14 national team in Gandhinagar. This is a...

Saying Goodbye for Now

12/23/2014 17:25
My Dad, Floyd Flemming, passed away on Nov. 14. I was by his side. Just over 3 months ago I would have said he was the most healthy 88 year old man I knew. He was still very active walking, driving, fishing, and even not long ago playing a few rounds of golf. In mid September he a had a stroke, yet...

Asian Games

12/13/2014 07:11
Our team recently competed in the Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea. This is the largest international competition behind the Olympics. There were over 13,000 athletes and 45 countries represented. Although I have never been to the Olympics I really got a sense of what it would be like. Like the...

The Nationals and Del Harris in India

03/22/2014 08:04
We recently held our national tournament in Delhi at the Thyagaraj Indoor Stadium. This is where the best teams from states all over India come into one venue and compete for the National Championship. There were over 50 men's and women's teams in all. For those basketball junkies it is a great...

The Big Apple, O Canada, O-H-I-O, LA, & SacTown

12/07/2013 11:32
My recent trip to the U. S. was a whirlwind of travel and great experiences. I started in New York City, meeting up with my wife, Chawn and spending time with our daughter Tory. While there we stayed with a former player of mine, Steve Mayes, in Harlem. Because of my Aunt passing away, I shifted my...

Just Me in Delhi

10/31/2013 17:53
Since arriving back from the U18 national team training camp in Aurangabad I have been batching it in Delhi. Chawn is back in the U.S. during this stretch. Even at that it is good to be "home" in Delhi. WIth my recent schedule I haven't been here much lately. Besides planning for the upcoming year...

ABC's and More

09/02/2013 10:23
As I write this I am in Gandhinagar, India, the birth place of Gandhi. I am staying at a remote sports center training the U16 Boys national team. They are preparing for the Asia Basketball Championship in Iran. Certainly one of the best parts of my job is growing close to these young men and...

Things Are Heating Up

04/22/2013 21:24
Not only are the tempertures rising fast here but so are my activities. I have now been in India for about 6 months. I can still claim that I see something everyday that I've never seen before. Since returning from the U.S. a week ago I have been all over India. I traveled down to Mumbai for the...

Finally, I Have a Team

02/23/2013 20:57
I have now been in India for over 3 months. It is starting to feel more like home. Granted, there have been many cultural adjustments but overall I love the people and I have a passion for my assignment.    Afer scouting three different tournaments (Savio Cup, Senior Nationals, Federation...

India, Something New Everyday

11/28/2012 17:07
Chawn and I have now been in New Delhi, India for two weeks. It has been an adjustment as we expected but I am enjoying my position and we have already made some good friends. As we wished for there are many opportunities to make a difference at several levels. I have connected well with our BFI...
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Still in the USA

09/26/2012 16:57
I am still in the US. Chawn and I have transitioned from Dallas, TX to Mount Vernon, OH. We are staying with my wife's parents while we wait for our flight arrangements.. Our family was all together in Texas about a month ago. Our oldest son, Preston flew back from LA to pack up half of our...
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