Still in the USA

09/26/2012 16:57

I am still in the US. Chawn and I have transitioned from Dallas, TX to Mount Vernon, OH. We are staying with my wife's parents while we wait for our flight arrangements.. Our family was all together in Texas about a month ago. Our oldest son, Preston flew back from LA to pack up half of our furniture and drive back to LA with our youngest son, Bryn. They are living together and both of them our pursuing their dream in the music industry. While they were driving a truck (pulling a car) west to their destination we had another truck heading east with the rest of our possessions. A week later we were dropping our daughter, Tori, off at Nyack College, just north of New York City for her freshman year of college. She is majoring in communications and is interested in pursuing a career in film/television. The Flemmings will be about as spread out as a family can be. God has opened doors for all of us and we are trusting Him with His plan. 

We hope to be leaving for New Delhi, India in the next week or so. I am anxious to get started with the team(s) and do my part in advancing the game of basketball in India. There are many unknowns but Chawn and I have a real peace about going and we believe that God has put us in this place to make a positive impact and to learn from all those that we come in contact with.     Salt & Light


It is never crowded along the extra mile