Just Me in Delhi

10/31/2013 17:53

Since arriving back from the U18 national team training camp in Aurangabad I have been batching it in Delhi. Chawn is back in the U.S. during this stretch. Even at that it is good to be "home" in Delhi. WIth my recent schedule I haven't been here much lately.

Besides planning for the upcoming year I have been working on a project over the last two weeks that I think will be real useful for our Indian coaches and players. I am conducting small group player development workouts. We are filming these so I can include them on the BFI website as instructional videos. In five sessions we were able to demonstrate about 40 drills. We also plan to have these drills available on DVD's. I had five of our local Delhi players who played this past year on the senior, U18, and U16 national teams. I want to give a big thanks to Joginder, Gaurav, Narender, Sinal. and Vishal for coming and helping with this project. Obviously, it was great for them to work on these drills for their own benefit. I plan on filming again at one of our future senior national camps so we can include team play drills, offenses, and defenses.

I head to the U.S. in November. While there I will be attending a Sacramento Kings game and meeting with their front office personnel. For a very good reason they are becoming India's Team. I will give some updates of my visit to the U.S. in late November. GO INDIA!