The Wait is Over

11/05/2012 22:14

After a couple of months of waiting for government approval Chawn and I are finally leaving for India this weekend. Although I didn't anticipate this long of a wait I have tried to take advantage of this time. In preparation for my coaching assignment I have been able to put together playbook, organize my practice and individual workout drills, create this website, develop some strategies for the national basketball program, as well working on other coaching development projects. I have also been able to see or communicate with many of my former players and other close friends. One of the greatest joys of a coach is to hear from former players. I rarely go through a day when I don't have some communication (phone call, text, email, etc.) from one of them. The longer I live the more I chersh my close friends. I have been blessed to be able share quality time with many of them over this break. 

Now it's time to get started. This time next week I'll begin the journey of helping India to advance the sport of basketball in their country. It will be a priviledge to share my knowledge of the game I have spent most of my life coaching and teaching. It is also my desire that this will give me a platform to demonstrate my faith as well. I also look forward to learning many new things from the various people I will come in contact with in India.I will do my best to use my gifts while fitting into a new culture. I'm ready!         Salt & Light