Savio Cup in Mumbai

12/14/2012 19:59

This past weekend I attended the Savio Cup in Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay). The event was a great introduction to Indian basketball at the senior level. It was a great venue at Don Bosco High School. Each night the teams played in front of standing room only crowds. Not only were there some fine Indian teams but this year's tournament incuded a team from the USA (Sports Power) that had three former NBA players, Paul Grant, Jerome Williams, and Anthony Bonner. Sports Power played ONGC, the top Indian team who had beaten them earlier in the tournament, for the Championship on the last night. This time the US veteran team demonstrated their experience and won the Savio Cup title. Chawn and I were able to do a little sightseeing one of the days. We went down to the India Gate on the water and then did some shopping in the local market. Over the weekend I had the opportunity to meet many of the top offiicials that oversee basketball in India as well as some of the national team players that I will be coaching. I am now back in New Delhi preparing for the U16 National team training camp next week.