NBA China

09/21/2013 18:52

I am writing this from the CBA Dongguan Basketball School - an NBA Training Center. I am accompaning the U16 Indian boys national team. We have been in China for 7 days and leave tomorrow. This is a first class facility with 8 indoor courts, 2 weight rooms, hotel like dorm rooms, classrooms, a dining area, store,etc. Besides being a training center it serves as a basketball school where high school age kids from China can get their education while specializing in basketball. I wish there had been schools like this available to me when I was growing up. What a life! History, math, and science in the morning and basetball all afternoon and evening.

The team has been practicing each day and we have had 4 exhibition games. These games were against a strong local high school team, the Dongguan Basketball School team, and the U16 Chinese National Team. The competition has been great. We are preparing for the Asia Basketball Championship in Iran next week. I am serving as more of an advisor on this trip but I do get my share of coaching in. I have been able to work with small groups in player development sessions in between games and practices as well. 

We did get away from campus a couple of times this week. One, to eat at an Indian restaurant and the other to do some souvenir shopping. It was great to spend some time with Greg Stolt, who works with NBA China. He a former Gator basketball player in his college days. This is my first time in China and I hope to come back. I really enjoyed working with the young players. Best part of my job!