Back to the Basics in Nagpur

02/24/2014 15:20

Last week I spent 3 1/2 days in Nagpur, India. I was there with "Nagpur For Kids" program sponsored by the Times of India newspaper. In that short time I conducted 7 clinics, 2 school programs, and a Q & A session. They kept me busy. I worked with all age groups, male and female. I appreciate Amit Sampat, journalist for the Times of India, for putting this all together. I really enjoyed spending time with young players and watching them work hard at improving their game. I had tremendous help from Inderbir Singh Gill, who is our intern coach at BFI right now. We really worked as a team which I know enhanced our training. Inderbir has a great future as a coach. He is confident, yet willing to learn. That is a winning combination. We spent much of our time teaching ball-handling (including 2 ball drills) passing, shooting, rebounding, and team play. Not only did we have large groups of players to work with but many of their parents were in the stands watching. In this short time I really connected with many of these kids and have a special place in my heart for the city of Nagpur. This was just another opportunity to help grow the game of basketball in India and try to make a personal impact in the lives of these young athletes.    SALT & LIGHT